Zero Waste Events

What is a Zero Waste Event?

At the College of Charleston, you can easily host a zero waste event. We define a zero waste event when at least 90% of all materials generated at the event are diverted to either recycling or compost. Interested in hosting a zero waste event? Check out the ways below.

Small/Medium Events

Check out one of our Zero Waste Event Kits. Our kits include:

Your team picks up the kit from the Office of Sustainability and turns your event into zero waste! Reserve one of our Zero Waste Event Kits by filling out this Google Form

The Office of Sustainability also offers training, guidance and additional support for hosting a zero waste event. Please contact us at with questions or if your event requires additional assistance.

Large Events

Contact to inquire about zero waste technical assistance. We look forward to learning more about your event!

Want to get Involved with Zero Waste?

Zero Waste Events on Campus

A Charleston Affair


A Charleston Affair is the largest zero waste event held annually at the College of Charleston. The event spans two days and is separated to allow alumni of the College to gather together for one evening and for newly graduating seniors to gather together for the other. During the festivities, volunteers organized by the Office of Sustainability helped to divert thousands of pounds of compost and recycling from the landfill. The industry standard for zero waste requires that over 90% of total waste generated by the event be diverted from the landfill, and thanks to the help of our many volunteers, the College of Charleston has managed to achieve this goal for the past two years. More information about creating a Zero Waste Event can be found, here

Waste Audits


The College of Charleston has hosted several waste audits. The largest of these is the annual Alliance for Planet Earth waste audit in Cougar Mall. At waste audits, student volunteers go through about ¾ of a day's worth of campus trash, separating it into piles: recyclable, compostable and landfill. The data gathered from these audits is used to refine the school's waste disposal systems and to give insight into our progress of achieving zero waste by 2025. In addition to data collected about the composition of our school's trash, the College of Charleston community gains valuable perspective on the sheer amount of waste generated by the school, and what we are sending to the landfill.

Office of Sustainability Greenbag Lunch Series


The Greenbag Lunch Series presents an opportunity to bring together local and regional leaders who are actively involved in sustainable initiatives to discuss issues pertinent to the College and the Charleston community in general. Students who attend these events are able to meet with people who are leaders in their field and learn about the issues they will be presented with throughout their future careers. Since its inception, the Greenbag Lunch Series has provided a forum to discuss topics ranging from Positive Psychology to Redefining American Urbanism.