This is your resource for answering the most common questions we hear about recycling on campus.

Q: How do I coordinate recycling at a special event on campus?

Visit our Contact Page to let us know you are interested in recycling at your event - we're here to help! You can also check out the Charleston County Special Events Recycling Program.

Q: What items go in the recycling bins?

The College uses a dual-stream system to sort its recyclable materials. One stream is for all glass, plastics and metal materials, while the other stream accepts all recyclable paper materials. Single-stream bins provided in some areas by Charleston County can accept all of these items as well as recyclable paper and cardboard.

Q: What happens to the materials after they are recycled?

After they are picked up by the city, recycled materials are sent to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to be processed and sorted. The video below provides a look at Charleston's MRF and shows what happens to materials at these facilities. 

Q: Do plastic and biodegradable cups go in the same bin? 

Plastic cups have numbered labels and should be included with other plastics. Biodegradable / compostable cups and utensils are not recyclable and should instead be dropped off at compost locations. Plastic products are a better choice if compost bins are unavailable in your area, because biodegradable cups must be either composted or landfilled.

Q: Is an item made of recycled materials necessarily recyclable?

Just because an item is made of recycled materials does not necessarily mean that it is recyclable. This is especially important to remember for plastics - always check the numbered label, and remember that many products containing plastics also contain other materials such as paper and metals.