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Additional Resources

Explore the following links for additional information about recycling, sustainability, and how to get involved in your community.

Recycling/Composting on Campus

Sustainable Materials Management Initiatives - Click here to find out more information about the initiatives being pursued by the College's Office of Sustainability to better implement programs to properly manage the materials used on campus. 

Recycling/Composting off Campus

  • Material Recovery Facilites (MRFs) - What exactly happens to all of CofC's materials once they leave the campus? The video below shows how all of our materials are processed, sorted, and recycled after they are disposed of. 

Other Resources

  • Green Resource Index - This publication by the S.C Department of Health and Environmental Control's Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling is a comprehensive guide on how to reduce your environmental impact. Even the most seasoned veterans of sustainable practices can find something to take away from this resource. 
  • South Carolina Materials Exchange - Looking to reuse or buy reused? Check out this resource for available materials in SC.
  • SPI codes for plastic recyclables - We are all familiar with recycling numbers - #1-7 printed on plastic containers, but do you know what those mean? Check out this page by SPI, the plastics industry trade association, to learn just what those numbers tell you about the plastics you're recycling. 
  • South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control: Land and Waste Management - Go here to find out more about South Carolina's recycling programs straight from the agency responsible for regulating it. 
  • Green Giveaways Guide - Are you hosting a sustainable event and looking for ways to entice people to attend. Giveaways are a great way to do that. Check out St. Louis Earth Day's guide on how to select the best green giveaways for your event.