Composting on Campus

To learn more about how to compost at home, check out the Center for Sustainable Development's Composting Guide for tips and tricks on how to start and maintain a compost system in an urban environment.

Dining Halls

The composting program at the College of Charleston began in the fall of 2012 with City Bistro. The Office of Sustainability conducted a cost analysis in the spring of 2013 showing the cost-effectiveness of this pilot compost program. As a result of this analysis, all dining halls across campus now have compost collection programs. See the current compost collected at all dining locations in the chart below:

Current Academic Year Composting Totals

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Composting in the Community

There are many efforts underway to implement composting programs in the Charleston community. Check out the video below to learn how one restaurant is leading the way in reducing wasted food and giving back to the local growers that it came from.