What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste by 2035

Zero Waste is a goal set by the College of Charleston to eliminate the concept of waste from our processes here on campus. Instead, we must begin to think of the goods that come in and go out of campus as materials and resources that can and should be reused. To achieve Zero Waste, we must begin to move towards cyclical processes that close the loop of production and replenish themselves indefinitely. While recycling is an important component of Zero Waste, the two are very different concepts.  With Zero Waste, we have established a hierarchy for how materials should be dealt with once they have reached their end of use.

Sustainable Materials Management:

The College of Charleston currently uses a dual-stream system for its recycling program. This means that all recyclable materials are separated into one of two streams: Paper and Containers. You'll see our updated signage around campus. 


Zero Waste 101

Zero Waste Action Plan

 Check out this Spring 2022 student project on recommendations for Zero Waste at CofC to get an idea of where Zero Waste can go from here!

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The Office of Sustainability would like to thank the following partners for their help in working to make the College of Charleston a Zero Waste campus:


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