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Materials managment at the College of Charleston is currently organized through a variety of independent departments on campus. The goal of this website is to provide a central source of information regarding current and future resource management programs on campus as well as related news and special events.  This includes information about our Recycling Program, Compost Program, Waste Aversion Programs like the Tap That Campaign, and our Policies and planning regarding resource management.

If you need recycling services including bins or materials pick-up for special events, materials pick-up outside your regular schedule, new bins, cardboard pick-up, etc. please submit a request to the Physical Plant Recycling Shop by calling 953-5550. 

Sustainable Materials Management:

The College of Charleston currently uses a dual-stream system for its recycling program. This means that all recyclable materials are separated into one of two streams: Paper and GPM (Glass, Plastics, and Metals). All materials that can not be sorted into either of these two streams is sent to the landfill.

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This website has all of the recycling information that you need. To learn more about which commonly used materials are recyclable, and which are not, check out our A-Z GUIDE

To find out more about which locations on campus accept recyclable materials, click here

The College also provides students with the opportunity to compost their organic materials. To learn more about the Grounds Department's drop-off composting program and how to get involved, visit the Grounds Department's page, here.

If you have specialty items that need to be recycled, fill out the form below to schedule a pick-up for them. 

Further Information

On this site you will also find FAQs, general information, and additional resources on how the College is moving to become a Zero Waste campus. There are also tips on how you can reduce your impact as well.

Contact Us

We want to hear your questions, comments, and updates on Zero Waste initiatives at the College of Charleston. Visit our Contact Us page and let us know what you think about our programs and how to improve them. Your feedback is invaluable in helping the College achieve Zero Waste by 2025.

The Office of Sustainablity would like to thank the following partners for their help in working to make the College of Charleston a Zero Waste campus.

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